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We have been practising recognising sounds in the alphabet and hearing the initial sound in words. We will continue to practise writing each of the sounds we have learnt. We refer back to the Read, Write Inc sounds. We have started working on blending 3 sounds together to make a CVC word (eg. dog, log, sit). 



We will continue to practise writing numbers to 5 and will begin to develop our knowledge around numbers to 10. Please continue to use the number formation rhymes at home to support your child to write and recognise numbers from 0-10. We will begin to use language of one more (add) and one less (subtract. We will also support your child to recognise 2D shapes around the house and local environment, (square, rectangle, triangle, square). 




Over the next half term, your child will begin to learn a new letter sound each day, using the Read Write Inc scheme. Within this pack there will be a sound chart for you to use at home with your child. You could play some letter recognition games or initial sound games (for example, can you find the letter a in the supermarket? Or I spy something beginning with …?). Please ask us if we can help with anything.



We will begin to teach the children numbers 0-10 this half term. The number rhymes have been included in this pack. Please practise these at home and involve numbers in your daily life (for example, counting fish fingers on your plate or shoes by the door).



We will be settling the children into their new classes and focusing on making friendships. We will be discussing what makes a good friend and how we can follow our school rule of 'be kind'. 



Once the children are settled, we will be start to explore different forms of technology. We will begin to practise basic mouse control skills on the computer and play some maths and English games on the computer.

PSHE Overview 2021-2022