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3.1 Keeping safe on Facebook

Facebook is a social network that is popular globally with over a billion users. It has a range of safety features and advice, including advice about how to deal with concerns and how to protect your privacy.


Safety advice
Facebook's Safety Centre has a range of advice for young people, parents and teachers.
The Bullying Prevention Hub has advice and resources too:


Safety tools
There are a number of safety tools such as Reporting, Blocking and Privacy Settings and these are explained at


Find out how to report to Facebook at
You can report Facebook Live videos by following these steps.
You can track the status of reports you make to Facebook from your Support Dashboard.

Special reporting forms


There are a range of tools to help you manage who can see your profile. Please see the following advice from Facebook:


Other helpful tools

  • Blocking: prevent someone from contacting you or seeing your content
  • Activity Log: a record of all of your Facebook activity 
  • Social reporting: to help people deal with concerns that do not break Facebook's terms and conditions
  • View As: see what your Timeline looks like to other people
  • Timeline review: review photos or posts you've been tagged in before they appear on your Timeline
  • App privacy: control what you share with third party apps on Facebook
  • Tag review: lets you review tags that people add to your posts

Terms and conditions

Community standards
Facebook's Community Standards explain what type of expression is acceptable, and what type of content may be reported and removed. For example, Facebook does not accept content that is threatening, bullying or pornographic. It is also against the rules to create a fake profile, use a fake name or share copyrighted content.

Terms of use
This is the legal document of the statement of rights and responsibilities.

Age requirement
13 years +
To be eligible to sign up for Facebook, you must be at least 13 years old.
Facebook has advice about reporting underage users.