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What resources are available for my child?

A range of resources will be available in all learning areas to support learning for children operating at different levels. 


These are identified on children’s Individual Plans. 

  • All children have access to a wide range of cross curricular resources with different types of practical and visual apparatus to support learning and progress.
  • Our reading books, in class and to take home, are book banded so that they are at the right level for your child to make progress.
  • We have a range of ICT equipment including iPads, computers and cameras to support children recording their work in different ways across the school environment.
  • Positions of tables and chairs are always considered for children with physical, hearing or sight impairment.
  •  Reading materials are enlarged for children with sight impairment.
  •  Our working walls have examples of teacher models to support independent learning.
  •  Children are encouraged to talk with partners or in small groups to develop their ideas, reason and articulate before recording them.
  •  Visual prompts are available on classroom display boards including times tables, behaviour reminders and zone boards.