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One of the biggest successes of our school is the way we work in partnership with a variety of groups and agencies. This strengthens the support, education and needs of our children and Community.

As well as the more traditional partnerships with support agencies including: Behavioural Support, Educational Psychology, Social Care and Health we have worked closely with other agencies to raise the aspirations of our children and provide frameworks for children to develop their own thinking and enquiry.


Allens Croft Children's Centre

The school is an integral part of a purpose built centre incorporating South Birmingham Primary Care Trust, Allens Croft Children's Centre and Education from 0 to 11. The school itself takes pupils from five to eleven.

The school has a very strong relationship with the Children's Centre which helps us provide the most effective services for children and families. 


Allens Croft Children's Centre


School Links - Partnerships

Environmental Partnerships

The children and staff at Allens Croft are committed to Environmental issues and have an eco-council who promote looking after our environment and organise ‘litter picks’ in addition to other activities.


KES (King Edward Schools) Partnership

We have a number of members of the community who work with the children on a regular basis as well as volunteers who help with special events. Children from King Edward Camp Hill Boys, King Edward Camp Hill Girls and King Edward’s schools regularly come to mentor children in various subjects. The mentoring programme has been proven to have a very positive impact on learning.


Community Police

Our local community policemen visit our school frequently in order to establish good relationships with our children.

In Spring term 2012, as part of our Science Week, a team of local community policemen and women helped the school to set up a Crime Scene Investigation scenario where each class had to solve a series of clues to solve a crime. This involved taking finger prints, looking for and evaluating evidence.


In Summer term 2015, Year 5 were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work alongside local police, during a speed watch activity. Children used a speed gun to monitor the speed of cars as they passed by the school. Any cars that were caught going over the 30mph speed limit, were pulled over and given a warning. Posters, designed by the children, were also given out to speeding drivers to raise awareness.