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3.3 Keeping safe on Youtube

YouTube is a video-sharing website that is owned by Google. There are a range of safety features such as reporting tools and restricting access to inappropriate content in Safety Mode.


Safety advice
YouTube has a Policy and Safety Hub, where you can find out:
    •    how to report and what happens to reports
    •    tools and resources for staying safe on YouTube
    •    policies, for example what is and what is not allowed on YouTube


Safety tools
There are a range of helpful safety features:  


Terms and conditions
Community standards
YouTube's Community Guidelines explain what's allowed and not allowed. For example, YouTube does not accept content that is violent, threatening, bullying or pornographic.


Terms of use


Age requirement
13 years +
In order to create a YouTube account, you must be at least 13 years old.
It is possible to watch videos without registering an account, but you would not be able to post your own videos.