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Year 6's Learning Blog


English -  Our main writing focus this half term will be based on the book and film ‘Hidden Figures’. This inspirational story will teach children about adversity and determination. They will have the chance to write a persuasive letter and a newspaper article opinion piece. 


Maths - We will be working with fractions this half term. They will learn how to add, subtract, divide and multiply them. In addition, we will work with percentages. 


Science - Our topic this half term is evolution and inheritance. Children will learn about how animals adapt to their environment and their offspring.  


Topic - Our topic is celebrating Black History.



English: We will be focusing on identity and on autobiographies. 


Maths: We are looking at place value and calculation focusing on the four operations. 


Topic: Our focus is "All About Me" and we will be looking at childhoods and how they vary from country to country. There will be a heavy focus on Birmingham as local area. 


Science: We were looking at changes of state and focused on non-Newtonian fluids while creating cornflour slime. 




PSHE Overview 2021-2022