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Allens Croft Primary School and Resource Base

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Our School Day

Timings of the School Day



  • 08:45am to 3.15pm
  • Lunchtime: 11.30am


Key Stage 1:

  • 08:45am to 3.15pm/3.25pm
  • Lunchtime: Year 1: 11.45am, Year 2: 12.00pm


Key Stage 2:

  • 08:45am to 3.15pm/3.25pm
  • Lunchtime: Year 3:12.00pm, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6: 12.45pm



Resource Base:


  • 08:45am to 3.15pm
  • Lunchtime: Terrapins and Tortoises: 12.00pm,  Turtles: 12.45pm



Children need to be in school by 9.00am at the latest. If your child arrives after this time, they will need to be brought to the front office, where they will be marked as late on the register. It is really important that children arrive on time and before 9.00am so that they do not miss out on their important morning routines and learning within their class. The total amount of time this amounts to in a typical week is between 32hrs and 30 minutes to 33 hours and 20 minutes. 


Staff are always willing to discuss your child with you, however this can be very difficult at the beginning of the day when staff are welcoming pupils into school. Please arrange convenient times with staff if you have something you wish to discuss by contacting the school office or message the class team on Seesaw.