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How does the school support your child to manage their emotional and social development?

The school will provide support for children if they need support with managing their own behaviour and/or to develop skills and confidence in dealing with social situations.


We run a lunchtime social skills club for those pupils who find the playground environment challenging.


 We have volunteers who offer support to pupils who require support with play and social skills e.g. managing emotions, sharing, turn taking, etc.

We follow the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning Curriculum.  The school makes links to this aspect of the curriculum through whole school assemblies and class assemblies.


School also employ a Child Psychotherapist (thoughts, feelings and worries) for one day a week, Maria Powell. She works with young people and/ or their families when there are aspects of their lives that may require some discussion and support.


We have a set of rewards and sanctions, as set out in our Behaviour Policy to encourage children to make the right choices.  This is consistent across the school.