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At Allens Croft Primary School, we recognise the positive impact that good attendance and punctuality has on academic achievements, as well as on friendships and social and emotional development. When a child is absent from school, parents/carers have a legal requirement to inform the school the reason for the absence. If a reason is not given, the absence will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’.

Family holidays must be taken during school holidays when school is closed; otherwise children’s educational progress may be impaired. On the rare occasion that families have to take leave during term time, parents/carers must request permission from the Head Teacher in writing. There is no automatic right to additional holidays outside the normal holiday periods and it is very unusual to be granted special permission. If permission is not given for this absence, it will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’.

The school will challenge poor attendance and punctuality, whilst giving every opportunity to support families in their efforts to improve attendance and/or punctuality.

Please see our latest Attendance Policy and facts about school attendance below:



Attendance during one school yearEquals this number of days absentWhich is approximately this number of weeks absentWhich means this number of lessons missed
95%92 weeks50
90% 19 4 weeks  100
85% 296 weeks   150