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Year 3's Learning Blog





Next half term, we will be looking at fractions. We will begin by looking at halves, quarters and thirds. We will eventually move on to finding tenths. Also this term, the children will look at ‘time’ and ‘capacity’. Throughout the half term we will be having a push on the 2,3,4,5,8 and 10 times tables in preparation for year 4.



During English, we will be using lots of different writing styles all around our topic ‘Deserts’. First, we will focus on a non-chronological report. After this, we will be enjoying some storytelling and poetry! We will be encouraging the children to independently focus on their handwriting and key punctuation.



During Science this term our topic is based around famous scientists and their discoveries. We will begin by testing how mass effects gravity. We will be using fair testing, pattern seeking and research to ask relevant questions and make our own observations.




Next half term, we will begin by looking at length and perimeter. The children will recap measuring and comparing lengths in mm, cm and m. Following this, we will be moving on to fractions. Each morning, during basic skills, we will be reviewing all four operations including some worded problems. It is really important that we continue to practise our 3 and 4 times tables. We will begin looking at our 8s.



During English, we will begin by looking at the features of a newspaper report. Our report will focus on the findings at Sutton Hoo. Our lessons will continue to look at a range of word classes and sentence types. Later in the term we will be looking at the story of Beowulf.



During Science this term our topic is Plants. We will be figuring out what job each part of the plant does and what plants require to live and grow. We will be setting up practical investigations, making observations and looking at patterns.





Next half term, we will recap how to count different amounts of money using pounds and pence. As well as this, we will be giving change using our subtraction skills. We will learn how to convert amounts of money. Year 3 will also continue to practise the 3 and 4 times tables and begin to look at the 8s.



During English, we will be focusing on our topic: Ancient Greeks. This will be mainly concentrated on various myths and the Olympians. We will be using non-chronological reports and letter writing.



During Science, we will be studying light and shadows. First, we will learn that our sight relies on light, then performing a range of investigations and experiments to explore this idea.





This half term, we will be focusing on multiplication and division. We will be using our times tables, groups and arrays to help us write and solve calculations. We have also begun learning our three times tables (practicing at home will help lots!). During morning Maths, we will keep practicing our key skills, for example, addition and subtraction.




In English, we have begun by covering some grammar skills including past/present tense and adverbs. We will be completing our first polish based on our new topic of Volcanoes by researching and designing a fact file poster. We will continue to practice Year 3 spelling words and handwriting at the beginning each lesson and aim to use these in our writing.




In Science this half term, we will be learning about Rocks, Fossils and Soil. We will learn whether rocks are naturally formed or man-made, the three types of rocks and their names and how rocks are formed. We will be using our classification and identification skills, as well as asking lots of questions and researching the answers.




Next half term, we will be continuing to look at adding and subtracting 2 and 3-digit numbers. Later in the term, we will be moving on to multiplying and dividing. We will start with a focus on our 2s, 5s, 10s and 3 times tables. During the morning session, children will continue to practise their basic skills and Number Sense.



During English, we will be continuing to look at word classes such as nouns, adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions. Our aim is to start independently including these in our writing. This term we will have a go at some new writing styles including book reviews and persuasive adverts.



During Science, we will be studying Forces and Magnets. The aim is to understand more about the world around us. Some of the forces we will focus on include: friction, magnetism, pushing and pulling. We will complete several investigations and experiments to discover how these forces work and affect our daily life.

We made a list of different ways we can be respectful to ourselves and talked about why this is really important.

We thought about what friendship means to us. These are someone's amazing ideas!

Taking part in story telling with Miss. Bradley. 

Taking part in Music and Dance with Mr. Jones


In Science, we looked at the similarities and differences between human and animal skeletons.

During life skills, we learnt the steps to safely make a cup of tea. 

In 3C, we thought about things that might make us happy if we are feeling sad. Here is our super list. Using this list, we worked hard to create a poster to share these ideas with others


We have been looking at hundreds, tens and ones in maths. 

Look at this beautifully painted pebble. 3O carefully designed and then painted a pebble to go into our mental health rock garden. What great work!




English: We started English in Year 3 by writing an autobiography for our topic, ‘All About Me’. Following this, we moved on to study a short animated film called, ‘Broken: Rock, Paper, Scissors’ and have completed several writing tasks based on this, including a Wanted posted and a letter.


Maths: This term, we have focussed on place value introducing three digit numbers. We have compared, ordered and partitioned numbers. We are moving on to using these skills to work on addition and subtraction. Each morning we have been using the ‘Number Sense’ programme to improve our quick recall of number facts.


Science: To link with our ‘All About Me’ topic, we have been studying ‘Health and Movement’. Throughout this topic we have looked at nutrition, healthy diets and the different nutritional needs of humans compared to other animals.

PSHE Overview 2021-22