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How are the staff in school supported to work with children with SEND and what training do they receive?

All school staff will receive appropriate training so they have the knowledge and confidence to support children and young people with a variety of needs.

At Allens Croft, we hold a weekly staff meeting. These are used to ensure staff have up-to-date knowledge to teach children of all abilities.  Sometimes training is run by specialists e.g. Epipen training or training by a member of the Communication and Autism Team.


Our Teaching Assistants also have specialist training, for example, the majority of our teaching assistants are Level 1 Autism Awareness trained.


We also have a variety of teaching assistants who are trained to deliver specific interventions to support children and young people in reading, writing, numeracy, language use, social skills, etc. Children are identified for specific interventions by looking closely at their progress and what we can do to support them.


Interventions provided by the school include:

  • Direct Reading Instruction
  • Social Use of Language Programme (SULP)
  • Barrier Games