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Our Community

We pride ourselves as being at the heart of the Community.

We aspire to overcome barriers to learning, promote a cohesive community and raise achievement through ensuring pupils' wellbeing is supported well. Partnership working is central to the dynamic of the school and we are at the centre of a number of networks which impact on attainment and wellbeing.


The school itself is part of an integrated centre including a nursery, Child Development Centre, incorporating health facilities and a family support team. This has meant that we can work even more effectively through multi-agency partnerships to get the appropriate support for our children and families, from medical referrals to family work support.


Our community is very diverse and we work to understand others, value diversity and have positive relationships with our local and wider community.


Parental Involvement

Stay and Play

Reception and Year 1 offer stay and play sessions for parents/ carers and family members. These sessions provide parents with the opportunity to spend time with their children in the classroom and take part in typical activities they children enjoy on a daily basis.


'Come and Read' Sessions in Reception and Key Stage 1 

Parents/carers are invited to begin one day per week, staying with their child in Reception to read a book together.


Parent/Carer Voice

Parent Governors are a very active part of our Governing Body and ensure that Parents/Carers concerns are reported and acted upon. Parents are regularly asked about how the school can be improved as well as telling us what we do well. 


Friends of Allens Croft

Every week,  Friends of Allens Croft and Mrs Timms get together to talk about how parents/carers and family members can be more involved in the school and help raise money for the children.  It is usually on a Friday afternoon at 2pm. 

This provides parents/carers with the opportunity to drop in and chat to other parents/carers and members of the senior leadership team.  Parents/Carers are invited to share their views on how they think things at school are going and make suggestions for improvement.

So far, Friends of Allens Croft have organised the Christmas Fair, School Disco,  Sold raffle tickets for the Easter Raffle, Picnic in the Park, Litter Picking and the Summer Fair.  They have lots of ideas for future events and would love more help. 


Inspire Workshops - 'Learning Together'.

Our Family INSPIRE English and Maths Workshops are always highly attended and give a chance for mums, dads, grans, granddads, aunties, etc. to work alongside their children in school. This naturally helps everyone to support the children at home.


Community Involvement

Placement for Students

Local secondary schools use the school for placement of students for work experience or teacher/classroom assistant training. On many occasions past Allens Croft pupils return to us for their work experience which gives the school its 'family feel'.


Community Projects

Our children have been involved in several projects to improve the local community by direct action. These projects have involved 'litter picks' as well as working with the local Police in cleaning up graffiti. 

Using the Community, children from the school also sing at the local community centre at Christmas time to spread a seasonal cheer!

Allens Croft has many visitors every year! The emergency services are regular visitors providing information about safety as well as allowing children to sit in fire engines and police cars!

More than just the Green Cross Code, as local police teach the children about road safety.

We have a good relationship with the Brandwood Centre and together, we work together to support our families and children in the local community. 

Each year our choir work hard practising carols and a medley of seasonal songs to present to the residents of The Acorns Hospice in Selly Oak.



At Allens Croft the charity work we do helps the children understand issues affecting people in the local, national and global community.

We raise money for local, national and global causes. In the past we have raised funds for The Poppy Appeal, Sports Relief, Comic Relief, Children in Need and Macmillan Cancer to name but a few.