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Year 1's Learning Blog



English- We will be using the story 'Winnie the Witch' as a stimulus to help us to write instructions for our own magic spells. We will also be using our knowledge of past and present monarchs to help us write about what we would do if we were a King or Queen. 


Maths- We are looking at fractions by finding half and quarters of shapes and quantities. We will also be focussing on geometry and learning how to describe turns and positions of objects. Finally, we will be looking at recognising and counting money and looking at measurements of time. 


Topic- Our topic this half term is ‘Medieval Magic.’ We will be learning about past and present monarchs in History. We will also be looking at different types of castles and their features and will be designing and creating our own castles. 




English- In English this half term we will be focussing on writing our own poetry. We will be looking at rhyming words, structure of poems and incorporating the different senses when writing our own poems about Australia. 


Maths- In Maths this half term we will be looking at weight and volume, counting in 2s and 10s, making equal groups and learning about using arrays. 


Science- In Science this half term we will be looking at identifying and describing different garden and wild plants, naming and labelling different parts of a plant and we will also be planting our own seeds to make observations about the growth of the plant. 



English- This half term in English we will be focussing on writing our own fact files about dinosaurs! We will also be getting creative by writing our own dinosaur stories. 


Maths- This half term in Maths we are looking at place value within 50. We will be representing numbers to 50, counting forwards and backwards and also learning to count in 2s and 5s. 


Science- In Science this half term we are looking at every day materials. We will be naming a variety of different materials, looking at their properties and finding out why some materials are better suited to certain things than others. 




English: This half term in English we are focussing on reading, understanding and writing instructions. We will also be writing our own character descriptions.


Maths: This half term in Maths we will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes, place value and subtraction using number lines.


Science: We will be learning about identifying and naming different common animals, looking at different animal groups and comparing them between each other. 



English: In English we will be looking at a range of books about different cultures, linking in with our topic 'Black History.' In our writing we will be focussing on using adjectives and using these to write descriptive sentences. 


Maths: In Maths we will be focussing on addition and subtraction within 10. We will be looking at using part-whole models, number bonds to 10 and fact families. We will be using a variety of concrete, pictorial and abstract methods to deepen our understanding. 


Science: In Science we will be looking at seasonal changes. We will be exploring the different types of weather, appropriate clothing and physical changes throughout the different seasons. 

After all of our really hard work we finally did our final Nativity performance! We were all so proud of ourselves and were really excited for all of our grown ups to watch it! 

During our forest school session, we collected twigs together to create some beautiful hanging Christmas decorations! 

We were so lucky and got to go on a special school trip to the farm! We saw lots of really cute animals and were allowed to hold them and help feed them too! 

As part of our 'Black History' topic, we learnt all about Marcus Rashford and the amazing things he has done to help children. We thought carefully about what message we would like to send to him and then wrote them down and created this display for him! 

Individually we carefully planned, designed and then created our own Kente Cloth design. Once they were finished we put them altogether to create a beautiful year group display! 

To go alongside our topic 'Black History', we read Handa's Surprise and then tasted the different fruits from the story and decided whether we liked them or disliked them.

Together we created our class charter display for Rights Respecting Schools.


English: We have been continuing to learn new sounds in our RWI lessons and have been applying these to our reading and writing. This half term we have been focussing on writing simple sentences with basic punctuation. 


Maths: This half term we have been focussing on place value and number within 10. We have learnt to use greater than, less than and equal to signs to compare numbers and objects, counting forwards and backwards to 10 and have introduced tens frames to help us with our number work. 


Science:  This half term we have been learning all about our bodies, to fit in with our 'All About Me' topic. We have been focussing on our 5 senses and the different parts of our bodies and their uses. 



1W carefully painted their pebbles to go into our Allens Croft Rocks Mental Health garden. Aren't they beautiful!


In Year 1T we carefully painted our rocks as part of a mindfulness activity during PSHE. We discussed how this activity made us feel (calm, relaxed, fun). We will place these rocks in our mental health garden. We also discussed different feelings that we can have (happy sad angry tired calm scared worried) and different scenarios that make us feel different feelings

 In Year 1T during Drama and Arts we explored diversity through Drama and Music. We read the story Something Else and discussed how it’s important to include everyone, every if they’re not the same as us. We had lots of fun acting and role-playing different characters.  

 'All About Me' self-portraits. We enjoyed creating our own self-portraits and these have been put together to make a beautiful display.


The Colour Monster Emotion Jars. We learnt all about our feelings and emotions through reading the book 'The Colour Monster.' We created a piece of art using splatter painting to show the different emotions and their colours. 

Outdoor learning family trees. During our outdoor learning session, we discussed different families and each created our own family trees. 

In Computing, We practised logging onto the computers independently and went onto seesaw to create a family portrait. 


PSHE Overview 2021-2022