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Year 1's Learning Blog




English- This half term in English we are focussing on reading, understanding and writing instructions. We will also be writing our own character descriptions.


Maths- This half term in Maths we will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes, place value and subtraction using number lines.


Science- We will be learning about identifying and naming different common animals, looking at different animal groups and comparing them between each other. 


1W carefully painted their pebbles to go into our Allens Croft Rocks Mental Health garden. Aren't they beautiful!


English: We have been continuing to learn new sounds in our RWI lessons and have been applying these to our reading and writing. This half term we have been focussing on writing simple sentences with basic punctuation. 


Maths: This half term we have been focussing on place value and number within 10. We have learnt to use greater than, less than and equal to signs to compare numbers and objects, counting forwards and backwards to 10 and have introduced tens frames to help us with our number work. 


Science:  This half term we have been learning all about our bodies, to fit in with our 'All About Me' topic. We have been focussing on our 5 senses and the different parts of our bodies and their uses. 


PSHE Overview 2021-2022