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Pastoral Teaching at Allens Croft

At Allens Croft, we teach our Pastoral curriculum through everything that we do! We aim to teach our children how to grow into respectful, wonderful members of the community!


Miss Beastall visits each class twice per half term and teaches the children  objectives from the PSHE/RSE curriculum. These days are super fun and give each class time to talk about their thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams. 


You can find out more about the Pastoral days that each class enjoy by looking at each Year Group's home pages.


The Pastoral days each have a theme! The first theme in Autumn 1 was MENTAL HEALTH. We thought this was very important for our children to learn about because many of them were returning to school from a long time of being at home during lockdown. The children got the chance to talk about their experiences and share their thoughts. The second theme of Autumn 1 was FRIENDSHIP. We chose this theme because some children hadn't seen their friends in ages, and so we enjoyed talking about what makes a successful friendship.