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English - This half term we will be studying the book ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. This book is about a young boy, Stanley Yelnats, who finds himself at a juvenile detention centre called Camp Green Lake. It isn’t green and it doesn’t have a lake! The children will be exploring the various themes throughout the book and writing non-chronological reports as well as a narrative. We will also be completing a piece of persuasive writing.


Maths – This half term we will be consolidating our work on area and perimeter, including finding the area and perimeter of more challenging rectilinear shapes. We will also be finding equivalent fractions, converting improper to mixed fractions and vice versa and will learn how to add, subtract, divide and multiply with fractions.


Science - This half term we will be continuing our work on forces. Later this half term we will be celebrating British Science Week and be having a fun-filled Science day.


Topic - Our topic for this half term is ‘The Far East’. In art, we will be creating our own Ming vases using the coil technique and decorating them before glazing. In geography, we will also be researching the Three Gorges Dam and its impact on the local area.


Computing – This half term we will create programs by planning, modifying, and testing commands to create shapes and patterns. The children use Logo, a text-based programming language.



English:  Our main writing focus this half term will be based on our topic of World War One’. We will be reading letters from soldiers and writing our own recount letters. We will also be looking at the life of Walter Tull and writing his biography. Finally, we will be reading poetry written by soldiers and writing our own poems.


Maths: This half term we will be continuing our work on multiplication and division and securing our understanding of formal written methods for these operations. Later this half term, we will be commencing our fractions unit. We will be finding equivalent fractions, converting improper to mixed fractions and vice versa and will learn how to add, subtract, divide and multiply with fractions.


Science: Our topic this half term is forces. Children will find out about gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction. Children will develop their understanding of balanced and unbalanced forces and their effects and investigate how mechanisms, like levers, pulleys and gears, help us to use smaller forces.


Topic: Our topic is World War One.


Computing: This half term we will be learning about databases.



English: This half term, we will be revising our knowledge of non-chronological reports and then creating our own version about a mythical creature.  During the writing process we will continue to embed our knowledge of relative clauses and we will also be learning about adverbs that indicate degrees of possibility.  We will then be writing our own short stories based upon 'The Fib and other stories' by George Layton.  This will provide us with the opportunity to make ambitious vocabulary choices and secure our understanding of speech punctuation.


Maths: This half term, we will be completing units on statistics, multiplication and division and area and perimeter.  In statistics, we will be developing our knowledge of reading and interpreting a range of graphs, charts and tables. In our block on multiplication and division, we will be securing our understanding of multiples and factors as well and learning about prime, square and cube numbers. We will also be multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. In our block on area and perimeter, we will be finding the perimeter or rectangles and rectilinear shapes before working out how to find the area of compound and irregular shapes. 


Topic: Our topic for this half term is ‘Black History’. We will be finding out about the work of Marcus Rashford and the impact that he has made on society today.  We will also be moving further back in time to learn about the 'Windrush generation.'  We will be learning about the challenges and prejudices faced by the children of the Windrush generation and reading the account of Baroness Floella Benjamin in her book, 'Coming to England'. In art, we will be studying different types of African patterns used in textiles and then designing our own African-inspired piece.


Science: This half term, our topic will be 'Changes and Reproduction'. We will look at how the human body changes as it ages, compare the gestation periods of humans and other animals and look at the needs and requires of the human body and different stages growing up. We will begin looking at puberty in humans from a scientific perspective as a precursor to SRE later on in the academic year. The unit will end with changes from adulthood into old age and we will reflect on how the body has changed throughout the life span of a human.

Creating papier maché planets for our very own solar system!


We have been using a variety of tools to sculpt clay representations of our very own Ickabogs

We have been Building up layers of clay to form 3D sculptures during an art lesson

We have created our own compositions on steel pans during music lessons

We have used acrylic paints to illustrate our Ickabogs before varnishing them!

In 5O, we thought about how our feelings can go from high to low, just like a thermometer. We created our own scenarios to show how a person might move up and down the thermometer.


In 5W, we thought about how our emotions can go up and down during the day - like a thermometer. We thought about what might happen to move someone up or down the scale and created our own mental health thermometers. 




English: We are exploring the world of Gothic literature, in particular, ‘Goth Girl: Ghost of a Mouse’ by Chris Riddell. We are examining the gothic elements of the text and studying character, creating character profiles and descriptions using authorial intent and paying close attention to vocabulary choices. The mysterious character of Lucy Borgia will be our focus as we dive into a fantastic story! 


Maths: This half term, we are focusing on number and place value. We are looking at numbers to one million, rounding, estimating and Roman numerals. We are also beginning to look at more explicit ways of calculating mentally and by using compact, shortened written methods. We will be applying our learning of new mathematical concepts to real life problems and will focus upon reasoning with our new skills! 


Topic: Our topic for this half term is ‘All About Me’. We are looking at both fixed and growth mind sets and learning about how to get the best out of ourselves as learners. As well as developing our esteem and confidence, we are also exploring how the past two years have affected us both negatively and positively. We are using ‘The Ickabog’ by J.K. Rowling to explore our thoughts and feelings towards recent lockdowns and will even manifest any fears that we may have had in the past in clay! 

PSHE Overview 2021-2022