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Year 2's Learning Blog

Welcome to Year 2's learning blog!


If you would like to see anything else on this page, please let us know and we would be happy to add to it! 




We have been looking at the following texts:

Handa's Surprise by Eileen Brown
Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman



Our first piece of writing was a recount of Handa's Surprise. We thought about what we would like in our basket and then spent some time ordering the story and retelling the story orally. We then looked at how we could use adjectives and conjunctions in our writing. 



Our second piece of writing was based on the story Amazing Grace. In the story, Grace is told that she can't play the part of Peter Pan because she is a girl and she is black. We spent some time talking about how we felt about this. We decided that this was not fair. We then looked at describing her appearance using adjectives and describing what she looks like. We then wrote our own character description about the main character- Grace. 



In Maths we will be following the White Rose Maths blocks. The main focus for this term will be securing children's number and place value knowledge. We will be counting to 100, finding one more and one less for numbers up to 100, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and consolidating number bonds of 10 and 20. Children will also be learning the value of coins and notes and telling the time to o'clock and half past. 



Our science topic for this half term is PLANTS.



First, we looked at what a plant is and talked about all of the different parts. We spoke about how a tree is a special type of plant. We then talked about how plants can either be flowering or non-flowering and sorted examples. Next, we then learned the names of some common garden plants and used these to design our own garden. Finally, we looked at the names of different trees and decided whether they are evergreen or deciduous. 



History/ Geography

While black history is celebrated all year round, Black History Month is celebrated in October each year. During Black History Month, we remember and celebrate important people from the past and also those who contribute towards society today. In Year 2 we have been looking at Rosa Parks and how she is inspirational for the work she did on racism and segregation. We have also looked at Mary Seacole and learnt about her work with the injured soldiers in the Crimea war. We used clay to replicate the statue of Mary Seacole. 


Outdoor Learning

We have themed our Outdoor Learning with our science topic of Plants. 


First, we used natural materials to make a self portrait of ourselves. Look at the pictures below- we hope you agree that we did a superb job! 

Next we went on a hunt to find different types of plants in our forest school area. We decided whether each plant was a weed or a wild plant. We became nature photographers and took photos of our findings. 

After that, we took over an area of our school garden. We spent a session pulling up the weeds and preparing the area for planting. We spoke about how weeds appear and different techniques for pulling up the weeds. The children really enjoyed the hands on gardening. 

We then planted some bulbs. We spoke about why seeds are not appropriate during Autumn. We then spoke about how the bulbs will not actually flower until Spring. Each child planted a bulb and made sure that it was spaced so that the flower has enough space to grow. 



We have been learning about who Mary Seacole is and why she is so famous. Mary Seacole pushed through the racial prejudice to help the soldiers. We learned that there is a famous statue of Mary Seacole at St Thomas Hospital in London. We then used clay to make our own Mary Seacole statue. 

Our science topic is plants so we made our own picture of a plant using different materials. We used a cupcake case for the flower, a straw for the stem, and found two real leaves. 


P.E is on Thursday for both 2W and 2T. Please make sure your child has the correct kit in school for Thursday. P.E kits will be sent home each week to be washed. 



Miss Beastall visits our class to teach us PSHE/RSE.

In Autumn 1, we spent a day focusing on Mental Heath and another day talking about Friendship. We listen to stories and share ideas and feelings with our classmates.

In Autumn 2, we have thought about respect and the importance of families.