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Year 2's Learning Blog


We thought about how we are unique and different to those around us. We talked about how although we are different, we all deserve to be treated with respect.



In English this half term, we have been writing about the Disney short film: The little boat. We have been learning how to use coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, expanded noun phrases and commas in a list to write about the adventure that the little boat goes on. 


In Maths, we have developed our understanding of numbers up to 100 and beyond. We have been partitioning adding and subtracting numbers within 100 and we have also been practicing how to count in 2s, 3s, 10s and 5s. 


In Science, we have been learning about Animals including humans. We have talked about what living things need to survive, different life cycles and different habitats. 

In Year 2P during PSHE we had a visit from an alien, Maz. We explained to him all about the different feelings we have. We had lots of fun acting out these different feelings. We read ’Gloomy Baboony’ and wrote postcards to him to make him feel better and cheer him up. 

We counted stones in outdoor learning. 

We used oil pastels to create self-portraits in Art. 

We used balls to count in maths. 

In outdoor learning, we used natural things we found to make self-portraits. 

In Maths, we looked at tens and ones and part whole models. We used base 10, numicon, and counters. 

In English we looked at past tense. 

PSHE Overview 2021-2022