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Y6 Curriculum

Below you will find all of the brilliant work that we are doing in Year 6. We are working hard to revise old skills whilst learning new ones.



We have been studying a range of short texts that match our learning requirements: 

  • describe characters and settings in detail
  • predict what we think will happen next in a text and write our own predictions
  • write a setting description based on different images - based recently on Black History Month and Martin Luther King.
  • Studying a range of grammatical structures, working on our composition and editing


We are also in the process of writing our autobiographies. We looked at Mr Wheildon's autobiography, picked out key features and planned our own. We are focusing on making them engaging and descriptive.

The descriptive elements and structures that we are focusing on in English and Topic work at the moment can be seen in the image below.


Descriptive elements


Topic: All About Me!

We have looked at our worries and anxieties during Lockdown and how we may have changed our characters for the better as a result of being at home.


Many of us have learned new skills and improved on existing ones too! Some of our children have learned how to cook, take care of our homes and gardens and gained new hobbies too!


Our current extended piece of writing is based on our this space!



In Maths, we have been focusing on Place Value and the Four Operations areas of the curriculum. We have looked at numbers up to one billion, negative numbers, rounding and manipulation of numbers.


We are also now perfecting out accuracy in formal written methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.



Year 6 have shown a real interest in using watercolours to illustrate our writing. We have written a short piece titled 'The Lonely Road' and used a detailed design process to create three panels of illustrations to depict our writing.


The wonderful artwork is going to be displayed in our classroom and a copy will be sent home with the children for you to have a look at too!