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Writing and GPS

Writing at Allens Croft


Children complete writing throughout the curriculum at Allens Croft. All teachers work hard to find exciting, meaningful subjects for the children to write about.

We always begin a new topic by looking at writing similar to what we will be attempting ourselves. From here we learn different skills which we can use in our writing. The children understand how important planning is, and are able to produce plans for their work. We then move onto writing a first draft, which we know will contain some mistakes. Afterwards, the children spend time editing their work and making corrections and improvements. Finally, the piece of writing is ready to be written up perfectly and put into a "polished write" folder. This is where all our perfect pieces of work are kept. Polished write folders follow children throughout school so they can see how they have made great progress from Year 1 to Year 6!



Each year group complete daily GPS sessions as a separate part of their day. We focus on spelling, handwriting or different SPAG skills that the children need to know. Sometimes we take our ideas from our English lessons and sometimes the GPS lessons are stand alone.