Year 3's Learning Blog

This is where you can find out about what we get up to in Year 3.
Both Year 3 classes have got a brand new WORD WALL! When the children are reading stories and they find an interesting word, they can add it to our WORD WALL! So far, the children have added excellent words, such as: occasionally, magnifying and quivering. 
The children read the story of Jacob and Esau. In the story, one of the brothers acted selfishly and tricked his brother out of his inheritance. The children thought that it was very unfair of the brother to act in this way. We discussed how the story could have been different if the brothers had been accountable for his own actions, instead of blaming other people. Each child completed an activity to show what the different characters would have been thinking about at different times. Miss Smith was really impressed with the children's sense of right and wrong.
In Maths, the children are learning about different fractions. They have written both unit and non-unit fractions of shapes.  
Our Science topic this half term is all about healthy eating. The children created a balanced meal for an athlete and know which foods we should only eat as a treat. We've also learnt about food chains and which animals are predators. There was some very tricky vocabulary to learn, but both Year 3 classes picked it up quickly. Ask your child to explain what "prey" means!
Year 3 have been working really hard on their new topic "Predator". They watched the Lion King to see some predators in action, and have been completing writing around the Lion King for the last few weeks. It has been lovely to hear how many children have the story of the Lion King at home. Miss Beastall has been really impressed with the quality of the writing that the children did. They wrote a biography about Simba. 
We have been lucky enough to be joined by a teacher from Birmingham Hippodrome! Miss Taylor has been working with our Year 3 children for an hour each week in order to prepare us for our Chinese New Year assembly. Each class will be performing a traditional Chinese story for their assembly. When we have performed for the parents, we are taking our assembly to the Hippodrome to perform as part of their Chinese New Year celebrations. It's very exciting!
White Rose Maths
We have been working on addition and subtraction, multiplication and division in maths recently. The children have used formal written methods to solve tricky questions and both Miss Beastall and Miss Smith are super impressed with how well everyone has been working.
We are going to be moving on to money soon, so please have a look at some coins and notes at home so that you've got a head start!
God and Mortals
Year 3 have been working hard on their new topic. We have watched the Disney film Hercules and have been doing lots of work around the film. So far, the children have written an alternate version of the story of Hercules and shape poems about some of the characters and props. This week we are writing a rhyming poem about different characters from the story. The children's work has been excellent!
Cress experiment
Last week we planed some cress seeds in different conditions. We decided that we would take away one different thing from each plant and see how they grew. We also planted a few seeds with all the things that plants need to grow so that we can compare these to the other plants. The cress seed in the dark looked very sad and yellow. The seeds with no water stayed as seeds and didn't change at all. The seeds with no soil started to sprout a little, but they didn't really grow. 
From our experiment, we have learnt that plants need water, soil and light to grow.
It's been a great start to the year in Year 3. Both Miss Beastall and Miss Smith have been very impressed with how quickly all the children have settled into their new classrooms and their new routines. 
Keep up the great work!
Marvellous Maths!
Year 3 have started work on Place Value. We are thinking about the different values of numbers and showing numbers in different ways. We have even used the base ten blocks to build some really big numbers together!
Beauty and the Beast
In English lessons this half term, we're going to be basing our writing on the classic story of Beauty and the Beast. We have seen the Disney film and read several different versions of the story. The children suggested how they are different and why. We are going to start writing a description piece about the Beast's castle soon!
Our Science topic this half term is Plants. We have already sketched a plant and labelled the different parts. We can even explain what each of those parts do. Soon we're going to be planting some seeds in different conditions so that we can find out for ourselves what plants need to grow!