Year 3 Curriculum

In Year 3, we learn through our topic based curriculum. We use Cornerstones to create fun and engaging lessons for the children to find out more about various topics.
Heroes and Villains
We explored the characters of Beauty and the Beast and how characters can transition from hero to villain.
We read Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and wrote our own recount as one of the characters.
We also learned the history of the Cadbury family and about the beginnings of Bournville village.
Gods and Mortals
We read the myth Orpheus and Eurydices and we persuaded other children to read the myth. We watched Hercules and wrote our own ending with a twist.
In history, we learned facts about Ancient Greece.
We watched The Lion King and we wrote a biography about Simba, a setting description of Pride Rock and we wrote a sequel to The Lion King.
In Science, we learned all about vertebrate and invertebrates, food chains and MRS NERG.
In geography, we are learning about rivers around the world by finding them in atlases.
In science, we are learning about different types of rocks. We will be collecting our own rocks and testing them to find out what type of rock they are.
Tribal Tales
We will be learning about Prehistoric Britain through the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We will read Stone Age Boy.