Year 3 at The Roman Museum 2012

12 November 2012

On Monday 12th November, Year 3 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Alcester Roman Museum.

Although small in size the museum had a lot to explore. The class were given Roman tunics to wear, and their names were changed to Roman ones. We found out that boys names ended in 'us' and girls names ended in 'a'. Diodora and Publius were two of the names.

Everyone got to handle artefacts that were nearly two thousand years old, including pottery, roof tiles, ear scoops and animal bones! We discovered that the Romans ate cheese, because of fragments of a cheese sieve had been found, and that they ground their own spices, which we had a go at grinding. It was hard work!

After lunch in the Lord Mayors meeting room, a Roman Soldier came to visit. He showed us the different parts that made up his armour, and everyone had chance to try on a smaller (and lighter) version.

We hope you enjoy looking at our photos. If you would like to go to the museum yourself it is not far away, why not check out the museums website?


                                             Can you guess what this is?