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Cross Curricular 
Our current topic is:
Wriggle and crawl
Get ready to go bug hunting!
This topic we will explore the world of bugs. We will be doing this by completing our own bug hunt and reading James and the Giant Peach.
Question: Can you name all the types of bug in James and the Giant Peach?
Towers, Tunnels and Turrets!
We starter our topic with a fantastic trip to Warwick Castle. Here we got to see real suits of armour, explore the Great Hall and climb the tallest turret. We have used this trip to help us with our writing.
Challenge: Can you name 5 different features of a castle?
Land Ahoy!
We have started off our learning by writing some amazing pirate stories and looking at some pirate poetry. In history we have been learning about famous pirates and in geography we have been using compasses to follow directions.
Challenge: Can you think of any famous pirates?
Year 2 are learning about place value, addition and subtraction. We have been using our tens and ones columns to figure out how to add and subtract 2-digit numbers. We have been working really hard on this and are excited about starting our new topic: money!
Working with money we learnt to recognise all the different coins and notes. We then used our knowledge to make different amounts of money in different ways.
Our next topic was fractions! We learnt to recognise 1/2, 1/4, 3/4, 1/3, 2/3 and 1/1. The children could use their skills to find fractions of numbers, shapes and pictures.
 We are now working on length and height! We have been measuring our height using metres and centimetres (we even measured the classroom!). We have been solving length based problems using our understanding of metres and centimetres.
Now we are focusing on measurement. We will be exploring ml, g, kg, Celsius and l and using estimation to help us understand these concepts.
Question: How many l of water a day are you supposed to drink?
Keep up the hard work year 2!
 We are currently focusing on developing our writing style and stamina. We have been doing this by writing our own pirate stories broken down into beginning, middle and end. We have also been using adjectives in our writing, to bring our writing to life and make it super descriptive. 
For our Muck, Mess and Mixtures topic we have been looking at George's Marvelous Medicine. This has inspired us to create our own Magic Medicine Recipe! We used lots of interesting (and disgusting!) ingredients in our recipe and used them to write a set of instructions.
We are being inspired my mythological creatures... dragons! We read How to Catch a Dragon by Caryl Hart. We have used our imagination to describe a dragon's appearance, habitat and diet. What would your dragon look like?
Currently, we are being inspired by James and the Giant Peach to write a description of our own bug. We will invent the bug and then think about what it would look like. We will use lots of adjectives to really describe our bug.



I love teeny tiny ants
and itchy bitsy fleas, 
spiders, big and little, 
and grouchy grumble bees, 

butterflies that flutter by
and beetles when they run
from marching caterpillars.
I think bugs are fun.

Skeeters like to bite me, 
but lightning bugs, they don’t, 
and flies that get inside the house
could bite, but they won’t.

Silly racing centipedes
and slow and slimy slugs
are my very special favorites.



In science this half-term we have been learning all about living things. We now understand that living things need food, water, oxygen and shelter to survive and stay healthy.
Is paper "living", "not living" or "never alive"?
Why do you think this?
This half term we are thinking about our emotions. We have had some lovely discussions in class about kindness and how we can do kind deeds every day. Year 2 came up with some great ideas about how we can look after each other and why it is important to be kind. 
Can you think of something kind you have done this week?