Y6 Learning Blog

Below you will find all of the brilliant work that the children did in Year 5. Watch this space for all of their Year 6 achievements. 
We have been studying the text 'War Horse' by Micheal Morpurgo. We have had the opportunity to: 
  • describe characters and settings in detail
  • predict what we think will happen next in the story and write our own chapter based on these predictions
  • write a diary entry from the perspective of the main human character Albert
  • write both formal and informal letters from key characters within the story. 
We even got to research Michael Morpurgo and write a biography about him. 
Some examples of the excellent work produced have been included in the gallery below. 
In addition to our fantastic work surrounding War Horse, we read a range of First World War poetry. The heart-wrenching poetry worked brilliantly as performances pieces and below you can see some photos of the children in action:  
During the Spring term, we have been looking at roller coasters and have used them as inspiration for poetry. Children produced incredible shape poems and we have selected an example to share with you. 
On Wednesday 6th March it was World Maths Day and on Thursday 7th March it was World Book Day. As a school, we decided to get creative and combine the two fantastic events. We read the book 365 Penguins by Jean-Luc Fromental and realised how well it linked to maths. This inspired us to create our own maths word problem stories to go with the events from the book. Children really enjoyed doing this and some of the excellent work produced can be seen below. 
Some of Year 5 have shown a real interest in the artist Wassily Kadinsky and have even researched and produced a PowerPoint about him. The wonderful presentation was shared as part of a KS2 assembly. We have shared the presentation below for you all to enjoy. 
During out roller coaster topic, children investigated the forces in action when someone is on a roller coaster. This beautifully labelled diagram (produced by a Y5 child) shows you what we found out. 
So far in year 6, children have looked at the compelling and heart-breaking story 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas'. We were so impressed with the mature attitude all children displayed throughout this topic. The writing that was produced was of a fantasic standard.