Y4 Learning Blog

Magnificent Maths 
We have learned lots this year already through our place value unit of work; including rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000, comparing 4 digit numbers and partitioning 4 digit numbers in a number of ways. We have also learned to add and subtract 4 digit numbers using column method making exchanges where needed. Over the year we will be learning written methods for all four operations and using place value to calculate multiplication and division by 10 and 100. These skills will enable us understand fractions and decimals.  
Super Science 
So far this year, Science has taught us about electricity, sound, living things, the digestive system, teeth and much more. Here are some photographs from our intriguing investigations!
Exciting English
This year, we will be writing non-chronological reports about mountains and developing our use of adjectives through setting and character descriptions. We will be working hard to improve our writing by using a range of conjunctions and varied sentence starters. We learn spellings each week for our test on Fridays and will be learning to spell words with a range of prefixes (im, il, ir)  and suffixes ous, sion, cious etc. 
Term 1.1
This term, we have learned about the earth's plates and how mountains are formed. We have studied the different types of mountains and where particular mountain ranges are in the world. Also, we have looked at how volcanoes are formed and made our own! Please see our pictures on our cross curricular page.
Term 1.2

This half term we have been learning about Romans including roman armour, food, artefacts and typical daily life. We have also learnt about the Celtic queen Boudicca and her rebellion against the Roman Empire in Britain. 
Term 2.1
This half term we have been learning about potions. During our English lessons, we have been looking at instruction texts which have helped us make our own. We have had great fun creating our potions display.
Term 2.2
During our Europe Topic, we learned about the different countries which make up the continent of Europe. We used atlases to develop our map skills and found out lots about famous landmarks. 


Term 3.1
Blue Abyss
Throughout our topic, we have been learning about the layers of the ocean and the creatures that live there. We have created salt art and have looked at the location of the worlds oceans on a map. 
Term 3.2