Turtles Trips, Special Events and Visitors

2019-2020 Trips, Visits and Events

Cofton Nursery


Turtles visited Cofton Nursery to buy some new plants and bulbs for our garden area. The children were very excited to travel in the minibus and each got to choose a plant for the garden.

Trips, special events and visitors 2018-2019

Pizza Express


On Wednesday 10th July Turtles visited Pizza Express.  First the children washed their hands and put on their aprons and hats. Next the children got to taste some pizza toppings and found out some interesting facts about the toppings. Finally, they got to make their delicious Margherita pizzas.  



 Every Thursday Turtles have been going swimming at kings Edwards school. The children have had lots of fun learning to swim and have all developed confidence in the water. Some of the children even had the courage to jump in the deep end of the pool.  

Gardeners World Live


On Thursday 13th June Turtles visited Gardeners World Live. They were very excited to take part in the live theatre show and some of the children got to play some fun games . We all had a fabulous day!

Around the World in 41 Barrows


 Turtles have been very busy creating a fantastic wheelbarrow for Gardeners World Live. The children were encouraged to look at plants and architecture from around the world. The children were inspired to choose Italy as we recently learnt about Romeo and Juliet and wanted to focus on food and plants from Italy. The children grew a variety of herbs, tomato plants and flowers from Italy. Also, we created the Leaning Tower of Pisa and gondolas from clay.

Drayton Manor


The Year 6 children enjoyed a fantastic day at Drayton Manor Theme Park. Most of the children enjoyed many of the rides including Buffalo Coaster, Pirate Ship and Air Race. Also, some of the children were very brave and went on Stormforce 10 and got soaking wet! We also had an ice cream and visited the gift shop.


Multi Skills


Turtles and Terrapins attended a Multi skills event with other local Primary Schools. The children enjoyed the variety of challenges and had lots of fun!

Archery Competition


On Tuesday 2nd April Turtles took part in an Archery competition. All of the children put in a fantastic effort and were excellent representatives of the school. Well done Turtles!

Our Trip to Stratford Upon Avon


On Monday 1st April, we visited Stratford – Upon – Avon. We visited the Holy Trinity Church where William Shakespeare was baptised and buried. Next, we walked around the historic town and looked at the different buildings and saw Shakespeare’s birthplace. Also, we had a lovely picnic by the river. It was such a fun day and we had lots of fun.

English Inspire Workshop


We enjoyed sharing our learning with our parents and carers for our English Inspire workshop. We shared some our Speech and Language games and even some of our parents joined in too! We then created our own magic potions using lots of different ingredients.

On Thursday 7th March we celebrated World Book Day and World Maths Day.The children came to school dressed as their favourite book characters. We had been reading Alice in Wonderland in English and decided to link some Maths activities to the story. The children enjoyed matching patterns on teacups and saucers, playing board games and sequenced numbers on caterpillars.

Turtles have spent the past eight weeks discovering how to look after the fish in our aquarium. They have been very enthusiastic about the task sheets each week and learning about all the different fish.  

Week 7 - Fish Keeper of the Week

Week 7

This week we had some more new fish called Gouramis. Also, we learnt about what happens to the food that the fish eat and the three types of diets that fish can have.

Week 6 - Fish Keeper of the Week

Week 6

This week we had some new fish called Bronze Cory. We also discovered how the fish’s gills work and why water in ponds is green.

Week 5 - Fish Keeper of the Week

Week 5


This week we had some more new fish called Harlequins.  Also, we cleaned the gravel and changed the water in the aquarium.

Week 4 - Fish Keeper of the Week

Week 4


Our task for this week was to learn how the filter works in the aquarium and how to get ready for the holiday. Also, we discovered where in the world our new fish come from.

Week 3 - Fish Keeper of the Week

Week 3


Our task for this week was to think about what fish give plants that they turn into oxygen and what else the plants in the aquarium need to survive. Also, we thought of some names for our new fish.


Shirley Aquatics


Turtles visited Shirley Aquatics for the morning. The children had great fun looking at all the different fish. They had some incredible aquariums with some beautiful fish and even sharks!

Week 2 -  Fish Keeper of the Week

Week 2


Our task for this week was to think about why it is important to test your aquarium water. Also, we discovered where pollution comes from and where bacteria lives.

Week 1 - Fish Keeper of the Week

Week 1


Our task for this week was to set up our new aquarium in the classroom. We discovered the difference between water in the sea and lakes, where to put our new fish aquarium and why we should never tap on the glass.

Our Trip to Notcutts

Turtles have been selected for a fantastic learning experience to follow an eight-week programme to become fish keepers. They will be given tasks to complete each week on how to take care of the fish and one child will be awarded Fish Keeper of the Week.

The children visited Notcutts in Shirley to collect their new fish aquarium. The children were very excited and enjoyed looking at all the beautiful fish.

Our Trip to Lego Discovery Centre


We had a fantastic day at Lego Discovery Centre. We explored Mini Land and recognised most of the landmarks from Birmingham. We even rode in a chariot in the Kingdom Quest to rescue the captured princess from the trolls and skeletons. Then we went to a workshop and created our own superheroes and villains from Lego.

Maths Inspire Workshop


The children enjoyed sharing their knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes with their parents and carers. We had a variety of activities such as making 3D shapes with polydron and playdoh. We also made superheroes capes from 2d shapes and explored shapes using the computer.

Our Trip to Birmingham Hippodrome

Trips, events and visitors 2017-2018

Refugee and Geography Week


Turtles had great fun learning about Africa. We learnt about African animals and created stories using musical instruments. The children also created some fantastic art work. We also learnt about what a refugee is, why people become refugees.
Outdoor Learning Day

The children were very busy and together as a team we created new areas in our sensory garden. We planted lots of new plants to make the garden look beautiful and lay some logs and bark.

Dance Therapy

Colourscapes at the Mac

May 2018

Across the lake, nestled in Cannon Hill Park, we visited Colourscapes. It was an amazing walk-in labyrinth of intense colour and light. The children loved it as they entered a new world where views of intense colour opened up in every direction. The colours radiated as we made our way through 25 interlinked chambers including a large silver dome filled with musicians. We loved experiencing all the different colours and our guide gave us lots of interesting information about how the sun light reflected on the chambers to create all the different colours. It was such a fun morning and we all behaved beautifully making our teachers very proud.

Trip to the supermarket and picnic in the park

May 2018


We were busy bees today. In the morning we went to the supermarket. We had to find lots of items from our shopping list. We were mainly buying exotic fruits and vegetables that we had never tasted before. We took note of the prices of each item as we put it in our trolley as we had to keep within our budget. We were very polite and courteous to all the members of the public that were also doing their shopping.


Once we returned back to school we worked as a team to wash, chop, peel and prepare our fruits and vegetables for our healthy picnic. We were very excited to taste all the fresh fruits and vegetables. We went to Canon Hill Park in the afternoon. We had a lovely play and enjoyed our delicious picnic in the sunshine.

Trip to Cadbury World
May 2018
Turtles had a fantastic day out when we visited Cadbury world. We enjoyed tasting some of the delicious chocolate. We all went to the gift shop and bought some nice treats too. We played together beautifully on the playground too before we went back to school. The 3d cinema experience was our favourite part, well that and all the free chocolate!

Discovery Week

March 2018


Turtles wrote some fantastic dinosaur adventure stories during Discovery week. We were given a sentence starter “A dinosaur walked into my classroom” and we had to continue the story. Some of the dinosaurs in our stories were nice and friendly, but some were very scary and fierce. We tried hard to make our stories exciting and adventurous by using lots of adjectives and conjunctions.

Poo from the Past


 We also became archaeologists this week. We made some Aztec “Poo from the past”. We got our hands dirty by mixing together a range of ingredients to make our ‘poo’. We added some Aztec dietary evidence to our poo too. We added things like popping corn, maize and pumpkin seeds. These are parts of the foods that Aztec people ate, which might not have been fully digested. We made sure to roll our poo to hide the evidence inside it! We then challenged our partners to try and find different food particles in our poo.

Balloon Cars


We also made toy cars using toilet rolls, home-made wheels and balloons. We decorated our cars and then our challenge was to make them travel across the ground. It took a while to make our cars move and we had to alter our models slightly, but we got there in the end. We enjoyed racing our toy cars and even tried making them move outside too.

Lemon Fizz Experiment


One of our Science experiments included making lemon volcanos. But don’t worry these were not giant volcanic eruptions but rather bubbly small eruptions we made by engaging the chemical reaction of citric acid, found in citrus fruits like lemons, and baking soda. We also added washing up liquid and food colouring. This made our reactions very foamy and colourful. We then made the reaction even bigger by stirring it to create lots of frothy fun!

World Book and Maths Day
Our Trip to Hatton Country World

On Tuesday 6th February we visited Hatton Country World. We got to explore the countryside and saw lots of different animals. We fed the sheep and goats and even held snakes and Guinea Pigs. After lunch we got to play in the indoor soft play area. We had a fantastic day!

Literacy Inspire Workshop


The children enjoyed playing literacy games, writing stories and even shared some our fun Speech and Language games with their parents and carers. We also shared one of our favourite stories and had lots of fun acting out parts of the story.

Our Trip to Birmingham City Centre

On Tuesday 30th January we visited Birmingham City Centre which was linked to our topic Bright Lights, Big city.  We travelled by train which was very exciting! When we arrived at Birmingham City Centre we saw lots of landmarks such as Grand Central, The Bullring and Selfridges. We had great day out!

January 2018
Birmingham Hippodrome 

Turtles and Terrapins enjoyed a trip to Birmingham Hippodrome to see Cinderella.  It was an amazing show and the children had a wonderful time.

December 2017
Trip to Tamworth Castle
We had an amazing day on our trip to Tamworth castle. We got to explore the castle and spotted all of the features that we had been learning about like the bailey, the barbicans, the towers. We got to try on some armour and dress up as lords and ladies. We prepared a dining hall for a great banquet and we even had a pretend battle. It was such a fun day. 
November 2017
Numeracy Inspire Workshop
We enjoyed sharing our learning with our parents and carers for our Inspire workshop. We played some games and completed lots of different activities. Our families were very impressed with our learning!
October 2017
Photo Challenge
We enjoyed taking part in this term's photo challenge. We worked hard as a team to make our photos fun and creative.
September 2017
Roald Dahl day
We had great fun for Roald Dahl day this year. We looked at the books Georges Marvelous Medicine and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We completed a melting chocolate experiment. We also dressed up as the Grandma from Georges Marvelous Medicine and did some role play. There was lots of giggling; some of us were very mean Grannys! 
Trips, events and visitors 2016-2017
 Our Trip to Rock Up
We had a fantastic time at Rock Up an indoor climbing centre. The children had lots of fun climbing all the different walls.
World Book Day 2017
The children came to school dressed as their favourite book characters. They discovered some interesting facts about authors and shared their favourite stories.
The Animal Man and Science Week
During Science Week, we had a visit from the animal man. The children were very brave and got to hold a variety of animals.
Come and Learn Numeracy Games
On Thursday 6th April parents and carers were invited to come in and play numeracy games with their children. We had lots of fun playing bingo and snakes and ladders. The children had a great time making their own games.
Our trip to West Midlands Safari Park
Turtles and Terrapins visited the West Midlands Safari Park on Thursday 30th March. The visit was linked in with our topic Dinosaur Planet. The children really enjoyed exploring The Land of the Living Dinosaurs. We all had a great day.
Pirate Day
On the last day of term, Turtles and Terrapins had a Pirate Day. Everyone dressed up as a pirate and looked fantastic! We took part in lots of exciting activities such as treasure hunts, walking the plank and a pirate picnic. We all had lots of fun!
Maths Day
Our trip to The Nature Centre
On Monday 6th July Turtles visited Birmingham Nature Centre. The visit was linked in with our with our topic Paws, Claws and Whiskers. The children had great fun looking at all the different animals.
Come and Learn Session – Sensory Garden
On Friday 14th July parents and carers were invited to come and work in the sensory garden with their children. Both children and adults worked hard to plant a variety of plants.