Road Safety

Road Safety is an issue that affects everyone. We all need to use roads whether we are children or adults. Most of us use the roads everyday as pedestrians, cyclists, drivers or passengers in cars. It is essential therefore to ensure that we can travel around as safely as possible.


Follow our tips and advice to stay safe on the road.

To stay safe on the road you should:

  • Always use the Green Cross Code STOP, LOOK, LISTEN!
  • Always hold an adult’s hand when you are near the road
  • Wear a seat belt when travelling in the car and use the right child or booster seat
  • Make sure you are properly trained to ride your bike on the road
  • Always wear a cycle helmet and bright reflective clothes when on your bike
  • Be bright and be seen whenever you are near a road
  • Put away your headphones or mobile phone when crossing the road
  • Always walk on the pavement or footpath where there is one
You can learn lots more information about how to stay safe on the road by clicking this link
You can see lots of photos and examples of the work our pupils did on Keeping Safe Day below!