Resource Base

Welcome to Resource Base
Allens Croft Primary School has a 20 place Key Stage One and Two Cognition and Learning Resource Base. All pupils who attend our Resource Base have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) and a primary area of need identified as Cognition and Learning (C&L), the Resource Base will also now include pupils with Autism Spectrum (ASC) and Physical Disability. 
It is accepted that pupils may also have secondary/ tertiary/ additional  needs, as described with the SEND Code Of Practice, for example Communication and Interaction, Physical and/ or Medical or Communication and Interaction. However, all pupils admitted to our Resource Base must have Cognition and Learning as their primary area of need.
Pupils have access to two classrooms, each with an experienced teacher and number of teaching assistants. Pupils have access to a highly personalised, individual curriculum based on their areas of needs and outcomes within their EHCPs.
Staff are trained at using functional Makaton and have expertise at working with pupils with additional Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Allens Croft Primary School Cognition and Learning Resource Base are also fortunate to work with and alongside other experienced professionals, including an Independent Speech and Language Therapist (SALT), Educational Psychologist (EP), Pupil and School Support (PSS) teacher. Professionals will offer advice, support, strategies and training opportunities to all staff to help support our pupils in the most effective, applicable ways.


Pupils will often have the opportunity to access some aspects of the mainstream curriculum, depending on their interests, ability and needs. Where pupils do not access mainstream classes, they will be taught within their Resource Base cohort classes.



Referral/ request process: 

Requests/ referrals for new pupils are coordinated by Special Educational Needs Assessment and Review (SENAR) teams and not directly between schools. All request/ referral pupils must have a finalised EHCP or a draft plan where educational provision is being considered. Pupils will not be considered for Resource Base requests unless referred by SENAR. Where requests/ referrals are received, Allens Croft Primary School will liaise with pupils’ current settings to complete observations and professionals discussions about their pupils to establish whether our Cognition and Learning Resource Base will be the most appropriate provision for the child/ young person’s needs. 

Allens Croft Primary School then completes their Governing Body Response (GBR) forms to inform SENAR of their decision.

Once accepted requests/ referrals are agreed, and a place is available, Allens Croft Primary School will work with SENAR, current settings and parents/ carers to coordinate effective and positive transitions to their new setting.