Reception's Learning Blog

Our first term- All about me
Reception have been learning so much since starting school in September. We have been exploring our environment and learning how to share, make friends, move our bodies and be creative.
We have also been learning to count to 10 using our careful counting finger and have been writing words using our phonics! We have settled in so well and our teachers are so proud.
Our second term - Celebrations
Reception have been superstars this term! We have learnt about different types of celebrations including birthdays, halloween, bonfire night, Diwali and Christmas. 
We have counted to learn all of our sounds and are beginning to write simple words and sentences. We have been continuing to count to 10, find 1 more and 1 less and recognise 2D shapes. We have also been talking about different types of measure and even made our own potions!
Trip to Ash End Farm
We went on our Christmas trip to Ashend farm. We got to feed sheep and ducks. We also got to stroke a chick, some of us even let a chick sit on our heads! We then got to ride Santa's sleigh and we acted out the Christmas story, Mary even rode on a donkey. We then went to visit Santa and he got us a Christmas present. It was such a fun day out and we had lots of fun. 
Singing at the Brandwood Centre
We went to the Brandwood Centre and sang some of our Nativity songs to the people as they were eating their Christmas dinner. They really enjoyed listening to us and even gave us a chocolate because we were such superstars! 
Our third term - Animals

We have had a wonderful term learning all about animals. We have been looking at sea animals, jungle animals, farm animals, minibeasts and pets. We have done lots of writing about the animals and have even been out on a minibeast hunt. We had two guest vistors to our classroom too! A hamster and rabbit came to visit us and we learnt all about how to care for them! 

Our fourth term - Fairytales 

We have had a fantastic and busy term full of trips and practising for our assembly. We had so much fun performing our assembly to everyone and working as a team. Thank you for your continued support throughout. 

In Maths, we continue to use the number formation rhymes to form and recognise numbers to 20. We have especially been focusing on teen numbers. We have been practising our adding, subtracting and doubles and continue to write number sentences. We have also been learning about weight, height and length.

In Literacy, we continue to write short simple sentences in class such as ‘The frog is sat on the log.’ We are remembering our capital letter, finger spaces, sounds and full stops. Ask your child about the 5 finger check!