Reception's Learning Blog

Autumn 1 - All about me
Reception have been learning so much since starting school in September. We have been exploring our environment and learning how to share, make friends, move our bodies and be creative.
We learned how to keep ourselves safe by following the class rules (Mr Potato head helps us!) and exploring our new environment. 
We have also been learning to count up to 10 objects using our careful counting finger and recognise the numbers to match. 
We have spent the term learning all the letters and sounds in the alphabet and have begun to blend sounds together to read and write words.
It has been lovely to see the children settle so well and getting to know each other and us!
Autumn 2 - Celebrations
Reception have been superstars this term! We have learned about different types of celebrations including birthdays, autumn, bonfire night, Diwali and Christmas. 
We have continued to learn all of our sounds and are beginning to write simple words and sentences in our new Read Write Inc groups. 
In maths, we are now focussing on ordering and writing numbers to 10 and have been starting to discuss one more and one less (addition and subtraction). 
We are working hard to recognise 2D shapes and talk about their properties. We have also been using measuring terminology such as full, empty, long, short.
The children have made some wonderful friendships which is a pleasure to see. 
Trip to Ash End Farm
We went on our Christmas trip to Ash End farm. We had to go on a long bus journey but when we got there we saw so many christmas trees!
We got to feed sheep and goats, and got to stroke a chick who was born that day.  Some of us let the chick sit on our lap!
We got to ride Santa's sleigh and we acted out the Christmas story. Mary even rode on a donkey.
We got to meet Santa who was very jolly! We sang some songs with him and he kindly gave  us all a Christmas present.
It was a lovely, festive day out. 
Spring 1 - People who help us
Wow, what an exciting start to the new year! We have had many visitors in to see us including Fire Fighters, a Nurse, a Vet and our local Police Officers. They came in to tell us about their important jobs and what they do to help all the people in the local area. 
In Maths, we have been learning all the ways to make 5 and 10 by using number bonds in the part-part-whole method. We draw it first and then write the matching number sentence.  
In Literacy, we have started to write sentences! We have to try to remember to use finger spaces so it doesn't all look like one word, and a full stop at the end to show that we are finished. 
We are using our super phonic knowledge to help us sound out each word and we have even started using red/tricky words like 'the', 'she' and 'he'.