Pupil Groups

At Allens Croft we really do want our children to have a say in running the school. We have several groups of children who have an impact on the direction and decisions made.

Our children are consulted regularly on issues including playground activities, school meals, learning and their local environment. As a school we need to know what we do well and what children think. Children have the chance to discuss opinions and ideas in class lessons and through Circle Time and Citizenship Education.

School Council

The children elect their School Councillors after voting. The council is currently made up of two members of classes from Year 1 to Year 6 and Miss Palgrave.

The children have developed the Council and now have informal meeting using Post It notes and large pieces of paper to share their thoughts about the school!

The Councillors will discuss issues with their classes and feed back to the meeting. All issues are shared with Mrs Weaver and are responded to and acted upon.

In the past, the Council have influenced the development of the School Travel Plan, playground resources and the improvement of school dinner menus.

Eco Council

The Eco Council is another elected group of children and their job is to look at ways the school can improve its impact on the environment.

Led by Miss Palgrave, the Eco Council has worked hard to improve recycling of paper/card and collects waste bins from areas of the school for recycling. The Eco Council have also audited the school to find out where energy can be saved, eg. computers left on and have worked with their friends to stop this from happening.

They have also worked closely with our local Environmental Officer to clean up the area, eg. involvement in the 'litter picks'.

We are very proud of our Eco Council. Their work has lead to the achievement of several awards for the school including Birmingham Action 21 (B12 Intervention) and the Eco Council Silver Award in 2010.

Our Pupils Say...

"Allens Croft is a wonderful school with lots to do and fun lessons." Jack

"I am happy at Allens Croft because there are great teachers and nice children. It is the best school in the whole World." Lucy

"Welcome! We have special teachers and fun things to do!" Sophie

"Welcome to Allens Croft this is a good school for maths and everything. We have fun lessons and trips." Jacob

"I like it!" Ben