Please enjoy this selection of photographs from around our school, showing our children at work and at play.

A fantastic project on Victorian games from Year 2.
A lovely fact sheet about Victorians produced in Year 2.

Year 2 Science investigation looking at materials.
Practical division lesson in Year 2.

Year 4 mapping ideas for their next project.
Year 4 researching the staff for a school project.

Year 6 working as a team, discussing what a ‘model’ Allens Croft student looks like.
Practical Numeracy work on fractions.

Year 6 exploring different iPad filters in their Art lesson.
Year 4 creating a river in the classroom as part of their DT project.

Practical division work in Year 1.
Reception learnt about different cultures, and tasted a range of delicious food. Yummy!

Reception children trying out our obstacle course in Forest School.
Year 1 played with the toys on a visit to The Black Country Living Museum.

Year 3 dressed as Tudors on a visit to Blakesley Hall.
Year 3 girls joined in with Tudor dressing up at Blakesley Hall.

Year 5 helped create some excellent willow huts in our Forest School area.
Year 5 hiding in their finished willow huts.