Fire and Firework Safety

3rd November 2016

Bonfire Night is really fun but it can also be dangerous. If you are going to an event or your family plan to set off fireworks in the garden or you are allowed to use sparklers under adult supervision, please make sure that everyone involved knows all about safety.


  •  Never touch fireworks
  •  Never put sparklers in your pocket
  •  Stand well back from the bonfire
  •  Don’t stand near fireworks
  •  Keep pets indoors
  •  Never pick sparklers off the floor
  •  Make sure an adult is always present
  •  Light sparklers one at a time
  •  Wear gloves
  •  Hold sparklers at arm's length
  •  When the sparkler goes out, put the hot end in a bucket of  water.

You can find lots more Fire and Firework Safety information on the following website: