May 2016 - Allens Croft has the X Factor

19th May 2016
Allens Croft has the X Factor!
On Thursday 19th May we had the second of our "X Factor" style singing competitions. Each year group presented a song and the judges commented on the musicality and performance. There were awards for each key stage and one for Best Overall Performance.
The children were advised to use the comments and feedback they received during the first singing competition we had back in February to try and improve their performances.
Click the links below to hear us singing our songs!
Mrs Weaver's Good Teamwork Award:  
Year 5 - Here Comes The Sun
 Most Improved performance:              
Year 2 - Happy
Year 4 - Lush Life
 Most Theatrical performance:              
Year 1 - In The Jungle
Year 3 - The Eye of the Tiger
 Best Overall performance:                    
Year 6 - Rather Be