Learning Together on History Topic Day 2012

12 October 2012

On 12th October, Years 1 to 6 invited their parents and carers into school to help them celebrate the end of their history topic for this term. The children were able to explain to their parents what they had learned during the past 6 weeks, and then they shared a fun learning activity to end their half term history topic with a bang!

Here are the activities planned by the teachers and children to involve their parents:

  • Year 1 – Victorian Classroom. The children saw Mrs Timms as they’ve never seen her before – as a strict Victorian teacher.
  • Year 2 – Victorian Tea Party and Parlour Games. Very dainty cucumber sandwiches, with their crusts cut off, were enjoyed by all.
  • Year 3 – Roman Mosaics and Masks. Some beautiful mosaics were designed and made by our parents and their children, working together.
  • Year 4 – Greek Party – food and dancing. The smells coming from the Staffroom where Year 4 were preparing their delicious Greek food were mouth-watering. Needless to say, our parents enjoyed the food, and many even joined in the Greek dancing.
  • Year 5 – Egyptian Mummies. Year 5 worked hard and fast to make their Egyptian Mummies.
  • Year 6 – At the end of the day, Year 6 parents were invited to help their children finish decorating and assembling their Tudor Houses. There were some very proud children and parents at the end of the day.