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This is where you can find out about what we get up to in Year 3.
Year 3 Curriculum Topics 
Autumn 1 - Heroes and Villains 
Autumn 2 - Scrumdiddlyumptious
Spring 1 - Gods and Mortals
Spring 1 - English
This half term, we will be exploring Ancient Greek myths and legends. 
We have watched the film Hercules and we will be writing our own narrative with a twist. Later on, we will be writing some poetry based on a myth and reading Orpheus and Eurydice.
Spring 1 - Maths
This half term, we will be continuing with our multiplication and division learning. We will be learning formal methods for these and we will start completing 2-digit by 1-digit calculations.
Later on this term, we will be learning about money as well as statistics. 
Spring 1 - Topic
In our topic sessions, we will be learning about Ancient Greece. We will look at Athens and Sparta, Greek architecture, the Olympics and Greek Gods. 
In Geography, we will locate modern Greek cities, identify the physical features of Greece and learn about the climate in Greece.
Autumn 2 - Maths
This half term, we finished off our addition and subtraction learning. 
We have also worked on the 3, 4 and 8 times tables. We have learned ways to recall the multiplication and division facts relating to them. 
Autumn 2 - English
We have read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and our first piece of writing was a newspaper article telling the world that Charlie Bucket won a golden ticket. This involved us learning about quotes and formal newspaper language. 
Our second piece of writing was a recount where we became one of the Golden Ticket winners and wrote about our trip around Willy Wonka's factory. We learned about fronted adverbials that we could use to make our sentences more interesting. 
Autumn 2 - Science
Our Science topic was 'Forces and Magnets'. 
We completed two experiments on friction where we explored which materials created friction when we rolled cars across them. 
We have used different types of magnets to research what materials are attracted to/repelled from them. We have explored the strengths of magnets as well as learnt about the different poles of the magnets.
Autumn 2 - DT
In DT, we designed our own chocolate bar. 
At the start of half term, we taste tested 4 chocolate bars (Aero, Malteser, Dairy Milk and Dairy Milk Caramel) to see what we did and didn't like. We also looked at chocolate packaging and thought about what makes a wrapper interesting.
We then designed our own chocolate bar. We thought carefully about what flavour chocolate we would use and then what fillings would work well together. 
After that, we designed packaging for our chocolate bar. We looked at what colours would work well together and we came up with interesting names so that people would buy our chocolate.
Autumn 2 - History 
In history, we will be looking at local history. We will explore the history of Cadbury as well as learn about members of the Cadbury family.
We created a timeline of Cadbury and learned that Cadbury has merged with other companies so it could get more money which meant that it could create more chocolate!
We researched John Cadbury and learned about his family and his childhood.
Autumn 1 - Maths
Year 3 have worked really hard on Place Value and Addition and Subtraction. We thought about the different values of numbers and showing numbers in different ways. We have even used the base ten blocks to build some really big numbers together!
We have all learnt how to use column method for addition and subtraction and we even managed to use tricky regrouping and exchanging. 
Autumn 1 - Science
Our Science topic this half term is Plants. We have already sketched a plant and labelled the different parts. We can even explain what each of those parts do. We planted some seeds in different conditions so that we could find out for ourselves what plants need to grow!
Autumn 1 - Beauty and the Beast
In English lessons this half term, we're going to be basing our writing on the classic story of Beauty and the Beast. We have seen the Disney film and read several different versions of the story. The children suggested how they are different and why. We are going to start writing a description piece about the Beast's castle soon!
It's been a great start to the year in Year 3. Both Miss Smith and Mr Carman have been very impressed with how quickly all the children have settled into their new classrooms and their new routines. 
Keep up the great work!