English as an Additional Language

Allens Croft Primary is a diverse school where our pupils speak a number of different languages. In our school our pupils with English as an Additional Language (EAL) are supported in a variety of ways:
  • Newly inducted pupils identified as having EAL will be provided with an induction pack written in the required language.
  • Once our EAL pupils have settled into their class they will be assessed by their class teacher, this will be used to baseline the pupil using the EAL and National Curriculum descriptor.
  • EAL Pupils will be assessed throughout the year to track their progress with their language skills. 
  • Our school will be working with the Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies on a newly introduced EAL project. The project will assist children at A and B on the DoE Proficiency in English Scales address their core issues of confidence, communication and socialisation by providing an intervention of arts therapy and English language. This project is due to start in Winter 2018.