E-Safety and Social Media Workshop

28th April 2017

On Wednesday 10th May Allens Croft Primary School will be holding an E-Safety and Social Media Workshop for Parents!

From learning in class to playing games at home, children are doing more on the internet than ever before - and it's a wonderful place.

However, just as in 'real life', it's important to make sure your child is staying safe online.

We know how demanding it can be to find the time when you're a busy parent, and also just how daunting it can be to try and work out if the information you've found online is up-to-date. That is why we are inviting you to a parent e safety session.

This session will provide you with advice, tips and support about online safety for children. We will share useful links and resources to help you keep your child safe online; including how to check Apps are age appropriate and setting your parental controls on your home internet. 

Our workshop for Key Stage One parents will be at 1:30pm on the 10th of May.

Our workshop for Key Stage Two parents will be at 2:30pm on the 10th of May.