Diversity Week

3rd July 2017
Diversity Week
Following last year's spectacular Rainbow Dance for Diversity, this year the Arts Council decided we should have a Songwriting competition. We found an existing song "People Need Love" by ABBA and each class was challenged to re-write the verses with a diversity theme and record an accompanying music video. The best three were chosen to be part of the new version of the song, which we will continue to sing at Allens Croft. The Arts Council had a difficult decision but we finally settled on the entries from 2PYear 5 and Year 6. Congratulations!
Year 1
We are special 'cos we are unique,
doesn't matter if you're a boy or girl,
It doesn't matter if you're tall or short,
if you can sing or you can dance,
It doesn't matter just be yourself.
We are all special... because we are unique,
and that's what makes life great.
My friends are precious,
My friends are kind
At our school, it's easy to find

We care about each other,
In everything we do,
Like our teachers want us to.

Uniqueness makes us special,
In all our different ways.
Oh, what a happy day!

We all have fun, when we're all together
We all have fun, so here we'll stay.
2P also went to the trouble of finding makaton signs to accompany their music video!
Happiness and kindness
caring acts are timeless
we see them everyday 
helping our friends
when we see that they are hurt
and asking if they want to play
it doesn't matter if your a boy or your a girl,
different personalities.
we are all friends
we are all special
we are all part of a family.
Life would be so boring
If we were all the same and had the same pain
People are unique because we are joyful and talented
We are all special because we all speak different languages


Please don’t judge

We are so alike

But yet so different deep inside

Please don’t decide

Get to know what’s there inside

Please open up your mind

And be kind

To others every time

And Be Kind To Others Every Time

We are unique,
boys and girls,
We all need each other in our time of need,
diversity matters, we are all different.
Be a good friend and do a good deed.
When you're feeling low,
And you've got no place to go,
Just smile and think of me!
Looking for love in your friends and family,
Shows courage and bravery.
Kittens sunshine, puppies butterflies,
These will make your day!
From any corner of the world,
We love you all at Allens Croft.
 Year 5
Everybody’s special,
Unique in every way,
Don’t worry about a thing.
Through good and really bad,
If you don’t get mad,
You can achieve anything.
Doesn’t matter who you are,
Living near or far.
Nothing is impossible.
You can be calm,
You can be happy,
You can make friends wherever you are.
Year 6
No matter what happens
We will be together
Even through the darkest days.
People have religions
different DNA
it's part of the Allens Croft way.
We are all unique with different fingerprints
skin and eye colour too.
People need hope
People need loving
People need trust from a fellow friend.
Tall or small
Boy or girl
We are all unique
Different coloured hair
Different coloured eyes
We are all unique
If we were all the same
The world would be
A boring place to be
People need friends
People need family
People need a home and safe place