Refugee Week 2019 ran from 17th - 23rd June. Across the school, we learnt about refugees and we culminated the week with an assembly showcasing the work we had done throughout the week. 
Terrapins wrote their own definitions of a refugee.
Turtles  performed ‘Homeless’ by Paul Smith and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. 
Year 1 performed a song about how we are all friends.
Year 2 performed a song about saying hello from different countries across the world so that they could welcome any refugees that attended our school.
Year 3 researched M.I.A, Freddie Mercury, Albert Einstein and Gloria Estefan and created fact-files about them. They found out facts about when and why they moved to another country as well as what they have achieved in their lives since they moved to a different country.
Year 4 wrote newspaper articles and poems about refugees. 
Year 5 had a visit from Bara’a, a refugee, who told them all about her life. Year 5 really enjoyed being able to ask lots of interesting questions. They then used the information to create newspaper articles about her life.