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Reception's Learning Blog

Autumn 1 - All about me


Reception have been learning so much since starting school in September. We have been exploring our environment and learning how to share, make friends, move our bodies and be creative.


We learned how to keep ourselves safe by following the class rules (Mr Potato head helps us!) and exploring our new environment. 


We have also been learning to count up to 5 objects using our careful counting finger and recognise the numbers to match. 

We have spent the term learning all the letters and sounds in the alphabet and have started to blend sounds together to read and write words.


It has been lovely to see the children settle so well and getting to know each other and us!


Autumn 2 - Celebrations



Spring 1 - People who help us


Spring 2 - Animals 

Summer 1 - Traditional Tales 

Summer 2 - You Choose



Miss Beastall visits our class to teach us PSHE.

In Autumn 1 we spent a day focusing on Mental Heath and another day talking about Friendship. We listen to stories and share ideas and feelings with our classmates.

In Autumn 2, we have thought about respect and the importance of families.