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Mathematics (including Numeracy)

Mathematics is a real and relevant subject that is required throughout life. We base our Numeracy work on the revised Numeracy framework and children are taught to apply mathematical knowledge to solve problems.


A variety of mental strategies are taught to develop confidence with number. Practical and mental skills form the essential foundation for written maths methods. We look for every opportunity to teach Mathematics across the curriculum and in relevant contexts.


This year, we are following the White Rose Hub scheme of learning. These schemes, for years 1-6, have been developed by teachers across the country. The curriculum is aimed towards a mastery approach and gives more time to teachers to teach key topics in greater depth. The maths curriculum has been broken down into a series of detailed ‘small steps’ and a new integrated approach to Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving has been put into place.


At Allens Croft, we have recognised the need to develop a Mastery curriculum that is inclusive of all children, regardless of their mathematical ability. Through White Rose, children are exposed to a learning ethos of practical application and discussion, which has allowed children to learn and develop a clear understanding of new concepts and topics. The curriculum is built upon a firm foundation of 'Number', with all year groups building knowledge and fluency through place value and mental and written calculations as these are the building blocks of each child’s Numeracy educations.


Below, there are links to the Yearly Overview for each year group as well as the National Curriculum for Numeracy.