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External Agencies

Ms Charlotte Crowson

Pupil and School Support Teacher

Pupil and School Support (PSS) are a Local Authority team of specialist teachers who primarily support schools with pupils who have cognition and learning difficulties. Our Pupil and School Support Teacher may carry out observations and assessments of pupils in order to advise teachers on the best approach to take when supporting them within the class and during intervention. PSS also provide training and advice to school staff around the promotion of inclusive practice for SEND pupils and help the SENDCo to fulfil their strategic role in leading whole school improvement in relation to SEND.


Ms Helen Cain

Autism Advisory Practitioner

As a member of the Communication/Autism Team I work with schools and families so that they are informed, supported and equipped to enable children and young people on the autism spectrum to have opportunities to fulfill their potential and engage in society as active citizens.


Dr Anna Kelley

Educational Psychologist 

As an Educational Psychologist I work in lots of different ways, negotiated with the school SENCo, to improve outcomes for children with a range of additional needs, from social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, to Autism and learning difficulties.

I observe and assess individual children, provide parenting advice, contribute to multiagency/professionals meetings and provide training for Teachers and Teaching Assistants. I also work with the school SENCo to find the best ways of supporting children with additional needs.

As the school’s Visiting Educational Psychologist I am commissioned by Birmingham City Council to carry out statutory work in order to identify, assess and monitor children, young people and young adults with special educational needs. In simple terms I work with school staff, other professionals and parents to assess a child’s need and decide if they meet the criteria for, or would benefit from an Education Health Care Plan. Please see the following website for further information:


Ms Maria Powell

Child Psychotherapist

Child psychotherapists work with some of the most vulnerable children in the UK, including those with long-term mental health problems, histories of neglect, abuse and attachment difficulties. A child psychotherapist will seek to bring about symptom relief by helping the child or young person to make sense of their experiences and feelings. It is hoped that by being understood and developing a thoughtful relationship with their therapist, they will find new and healthier ways of managing their difficulties.

Feedback from families regarding this service can be seen below:

"What you say to me I take away and work with to help us as a family"
"It is amazing to talk to someone that is neutral"
"She presents different ways of looking at behaviours"
"I feel that we are becoming stronger as a family because of the things I have learnt"
"It is important to allow children to express their emotions but then talk about them afterwards"


Ms Lynne Dallaway

Speech and Language Therapist