Terrapins Learning Blog

In our class we do lots of our learning through hands on play. We work on objectives from the EYFS Development Matters Document and our Individual EHC Plans.
Our learning is linked to the topic we are focusing on and books that we enjoy as a class.
Fine Motor
We work on fine motor activities daily to help strengthen and coordinate our small muscles. Our hands and eyes work together to complete a variety of tasks. This helps improve our concentration and ultimately our ability to copy and write independently.
 English Language
Our class is a signing class and we communicate with our peers by using both speech and Makaton sign. We are developing our language skills by taking part in phonics sessions and using a variety of manipulatives that will help us to read and write. We also have daily speech and language sessions to help us with our understanding, expressions, and listening.
We read daily in Terrapins Class and enjoy listening to lot of stories. We use the stories we hear to help us build our vocabulary, use our imaginations, sequence events and write for ourselves.
During numeracy lessons the children's understanding is supported by the use of symbols, manipulatives and hands on practical activities. We have been learning about lots of mathematical concepts such as 2D and 3D shapes, time, money, addition, subtraction, multiplication and measures.
Our Topic changes regularly and is determined by the children's interests. Our current topic is Transport.
Sensory Time
Children enjoy exploring their environment using all their senses in a calm and safe space. This helps us to develop our vocabulary, play and fine motor skills and provides us with sensory feedback to help us better manage our feelings.
Physical Education
Our PE sessions are planned using the EYFS Development Matters and The National Curriculum. Activities are differentiated to meet each child's physical and developmental needs. 
Forest School and Gardening
We are fortunate to be able to learn about the environment through our forest school. We have helped to plant trees and we often join Turtles class to maintain our sensory garden and feed the birds.